For years I have been contributing articles, stories and pictures to various outlets. This past January, while searching for a specific article, I knew enough was enough. I needed a hub for all the sailing related information and stories and I needed it right now.

With that, thanks for checking out the site. It is simply a collection of stories, articles, photos and events that consume my life as a professional sailor & sailmaker. I hope you get a lot out of the visit and tell your friends. The sole purpose is to help folks learn and experience what sailing has to offer. Whether you race, cruise…big boat or small, I’m sure you’ll find something on this site that will help you get more out of your sailing.

It’s not all sailing. I’ve got a knack for funneling my competitive spirit into other areas. Golf, Iceboating, family, coaching & teaching all get me amped up and bring out the storyteller.
Enjoy & Rip it up!