Have you considered a coach?

Most adult activities are complex. Look at tennis and golf…mastering these activities takes patience and practice. Both of these activities, too, offer coaching to help with the learning curve.

In sailing, there are a number of avenues you can choose to get better. You can practice a lot, but who has that much time? You can read books, but you still have to put it into practice. How about the idea of hiring a coach for an evening or two? Junior and College teams use them effectively, why couldn’t you?

Coaches provide a unique perspective to sailing. By focusing on the basics and reinforcing this through video and photos, it helps understand that different perspective. Other areas that coaches can help with include Mark roundings (understanding who is responsible for what and helping them), Upwind set up (sail trim & rig tune), Driving technique (analysis of current habits and helping with new habits), Boat preparation….to name a few.

Hire a coach for an evening as a try-out. See if it is worth the investment and ask them to develop a proposal that will help you with your goals.


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